How To Get More
Followers On Soundcloud

The goal of every artist on Soundcloud is to get more followers.

When you release a new song, your followers instantly get it delivered to their Soundcloud feed. This leads to more organic engagement — plays, likes, reposts, etc.

Having more followers allows you to boost your social credibility, increase popularity and ultimately get more organic engagement in the long run.

There are plenty of different ways you can go about getting more followers — using follow-to-download ‘fangates’, buying packages from 3rd party service providers, etc.

Be active In the Soundcloud Community

The best and most organic way to get more followers is to be an active member in the Soundcloud community. If you aren’t liking, following and listening to other people’s music, can you expect them to do the same for you?

Regularly search for other music in your genre and engage with the artists. Post constructive comments and leave helpful feedback that you yourself would like to receive from others. The more comments you leave on other songs relevant to yours, the more channels you are opening that lead back to your own page via hyperlink. You can even message some artists and propose collaborations.

Just don’t overdo and spam people — that’s a surefire way to have your account suspended or banned!


Follow-to-Download Services

Services like Hypeddit, ArtistUnion, etc. allow you to create follow-to-download ‘fangates’ for your music.

In short, for a user to download your song, they must follow your account first.

These are extremely effective. You will see them used quite regularly by other big-name artists on the platform.



Many people are hesitant about purchasing followers — and for good reason. We’ve heard some horror stories from artists about how they’ve used a less-than-reputable provider and had their account spammed with low-quality bot followers. These accounts looked fake and wouldn’t listen to their music or engage on their page at all. We’ve also heard of some accounts getting suspended for buying followers!

We’re definitely not against buying followers, but you have to do it the right way and use a high-quality provider.

For example: if you’re just starting a new page on Soundcloud, it might help to have buy a couple hundred followers so your page doesn’t look empty.

The key is balance — if you have 50,000 followers but your songs only get a few dozen plays, that will look suspicious to new fans. Your ratio of followers, plays, likes, reposts, etc. should be congruent and well-balanced. Don’t boost any one of these metrics too artificially.

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