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Many artists have questions and concerns when it comes to buying plays - and for good reason. If you do it incorrectly or buy the wrong service, it can have detrimental effects on your page, account and brand image.

Before you purchase Soundcloud plays online, here are a few things to consider.

How are plays counted on Soundcloud?

When a song is loaded from Soundcloud’s servers, it is counted as a ‘play’ in their stats system.

A song can be loaded from their servers in different ways — it can be done by clicking on the ‘play’ button or it can be done via the song ‘autoplaying’. This can be done by a human, or in some cases, it can also be done by a bot.

Soundcloud staff can generally tell the difference between real plays and ‘bot’ plays.


Does It Matter Who I Buy Soundcloud Plays From?

Not all service providers are the same. Some company’s will direct real visitors to your page, while others will simply load the song over-and-over using bot software. Often times, these bots register as coming from countries that normally wouldn’t listen to your specific type of music — for example, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Romania, etc.

Obviously, getting real people to play your music is preferable to bots loading the song repeatedly from 3rd world countries. If you are a Soundcloud Pro user, you can track this data in your statistics section.


Does Buying Plays Help My Grow My Fanbase?

Again, it depends on who you are buying from. Bots will not help grow your fanbase, they will only increase the publicly-posted play counts. And even then, if your song has thousands of plays but no other engagement (ie. likes, reposts, comments), it will look suspicious to listeners. Even for most casual music fans, it can be quite obvious when an artist has bought a ‘plays package’ consisting of bot traffic — so choose your service provider wisely.


Finding The Right Soundcloud Plays Provider

In our opinion, the best service providers will not promise you 20,000 plays overnight. The prices will not be dirt cheap. They will not sell plays “a la carte” with things like Reposts sold separately.

The best sellers provide comprehensive packages that include all engagement metrics — plays, likes, reposts, comments — and NOT just plays. Like we stated before, just having a bunch of plays with no other engagement will look suspicious.

Effective Soundcloud promotion is gradual and will often take time to set up and deliver correctly. The provider should be taking into account what type of music you create, what type of audience would find it engaging, etc.

Remember, your brand, image and reputation can be put at risk with the wrong provider. Don’t just go with the cheapest option — choose your plays provider wisely!

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