Why Soundcloud Reposts are
key To organic Engagement

The ‘repost’ function on Soundcloud is unique to the platform. When a user reposts your song, it showcases your song to all that users followers via their Soundcloud feed.

As you can imagine, getting a repost from a high-following Soundcloud account can be invaluable — it can instantly share your song to tens of thousands of artists with the click of a button!

No question — reposts are key when it comes to organic growth and engagement on Soundcloud.

Repost Exchange

An interesting site we found was Repost Exchange — this site allows artists to exchange reposts with one another, allowing each artist to work together in promoting the others music to their respective fanbases.


Free Repost Pages

Many pages on Soundcloud offer free reposts — a good list can be found here.

Audio Launcher also has a high-following Soundcloud page that offers free reposts!
Click on the button below, click on “Have a coupon?” and enter in: FREEREPOST

It takes under a minute and gets your music out to all of our followers!

Buy Soundcloud reposts

With our packages, you don’t just get reposts — you get plays, likes, comment and followers too!


2,000+ plays
100+ likes
40+ reposts
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25+ likes
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